Sharjah - UAE


Chemical Features and Benefits : Broad Spectrum Disinfectant, effective in a wide range of Temperature, Non-Toxic and Ecofriendly, Non corrosive, non- Carcinogenic and non-Mutagenic, no rinsing required, Odorless and Colorless
1-Application of chemical disinfection as fogs or mists will create and disperse a disinfectant aerosol which will ultimately reduce the number of airborne microorganism (Bacteria, Virus, Fungi & Protozoa).
2- This is an affective measure to interrupt the environmental spread of infectious pathogens as it will significantly reduce the total mi- crobial load prevailing in the environment and also to disinfect the areas that my be difficult to reach manually.
3- We are using a high level sanitizing and disinfecting agent for treating indus- tries, Offices, Residential Buildings, Vegetable & Poultry farms, all types of tools and equipment.
4- The chemical is formulated by stabilized Hydrogen peroxide 50% in silver ion technology which will decompose into water and oxygen subsequently leaving no harmful by-products when used safely.